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Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait Photography reveals the beauty of the human who is the subject. Always your photography should be more beautiful than the real person. The photograph not only includes the person but also the background. Minot modifications on the background might add mighty effects to the foreground and the subject.

blurred background effect : 
- Use AV mode in the DSLR Camera.
- buy a lens which has a bigger aperture, and therefore a smaller f-number for a much greater blurring effect than a kit lens.
- buy a standard 50mm lens with an aperture of around f1.8 or even smaller for better results. 

fill-in flash : 
When we capture portraits in outdoors during the daylight, we find the shadows on the other side of the light source. To brighten these dark shadows we can use the pop-up flash that your camera has. This is called a fill-in flash.
- Use P mode in the DSLR Camera.
- After using the pop-up flash, if the image is more brighter then reduce the power of your flash to negative or something reasonable to get the balanced light in the picture or step a little back from the subject.

Metering Mode :
- choose a spot metering mode when shooting portraits

Focussing Mode:
- prefer the single point setting as it allows you to pinpoint the exact part of the subject that you want in focus

- always use ISO between 100-200, this will keep your image grain-less and remember the aperture needs to be adjusted accordingly to get a sharper image

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Anonymous said...

This photo expresses the kind of mood from his face.

Excellent work!!

Droid Photography Indonesia on December 26, 2013 at 11:15 PM said...

it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

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