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Advertise on sdigitalphotography and reach thousands of customers from all over the world.

OFFER : Advertise here for FREE :  This is a limited period offer, advertise your brand /  product  etc. for 10 days for FREE! please click here to email us.

BANNERS: We offer non rotating banner advertising on the right sidebar of our website. Banner ads start at $100 per month and that gets you a 125×125 pixel banner ad. Files can be JPG, GIF or PNG (no larger than 10kb). If you’re in need of large banner sizes, or ‘in post’ banner advertising, this can be arranged as well.

We offer discounts for advertisers purchasing for multiple months and this option will also allow you to lock your rate for the rest of the advertising period.
Ads must be good and provide a true and genuine service or product which will benefit our audience.

Payments must be received in full before your campaign starts. We accept Paypal and major credit cards through Paypal (a Paypal account is not required to use this service).
To book your spot and for more information, please click here to email us.

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