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Outdoor Photoshoot - Preparation

Outdoor shoot means you need everything you want and should not be too much loaded.

Make a checklist of those photography stuff you want to carry with you, may be something like the below,
Equipment :
1. Camera - 1 and Backup Camera for a pro - 1
2. Battery pack fully charged -1
3. Backup battery - 1
4. Memory cards  - 2 
5. Flash Gun with remote trigger -1
6. Batteries for flash - 2 sets
7. Lenses of your choice
8. Reflectors of your choice
9. Flash diffuser & deflector
10. Tripod if required for the external flash
11. Samples of your previous works
12. Your business cards

Refreshment :
1. Bottle of water
2. Some chocolates
3. Tissues / towels

All these will be very handy because you cannot waste time in buying anything on the location.

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