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0 Outdoor Bikini Photography

Bikini photography

Equipment : 
1.  Dslr camera with an 18-55mm lens : the 18-55 will help you to shoot wide angle and you can show the wider background. You can make it to 50mm for a portrait shot but on a bikini shoot the background plays an important role.

2. Soft box, flash, reflectors what ever is necessary for you.

The blue skies, beach sand, trees and the water, all these will add more to your composition.

Models :
Try to get the professional models or at least the amateur models who has learnt the art of posing, because the pose is the key to success to bikini shoots. A good pose can bring an outstanding output but a bad pose will terribly spoil rest of the things like your background, lighting and your efforts. 

Strictly no playful and funny poses. All poses must be professional, this should be informed informed to the model if she is an amateur.

The poses must be elegant and sexy enough to showcase the curves of the models..

Scared models :
If the model is scared, first talk to her very friendly and softly.
Analyze what makes her scary and try to help her in doing that.

Costume :
No pantyhose during a bikini Photoshoot. The colour of the bikini should help the model look better and contrast to the background. This is a minimum requirement and something that will be better depending on the location is appretiated.

At least 2 sets of bikini should be used for 1 session of bikini shoot. 
Personal make up kits should be possessed by the models.
Care should be taken that the models should not sweat.

light: the sun is the primary light for any daytime outdoor shoot. Try to have a soft box , a flash for shadow filling and reflectors.

Technique :

Shot 1: from the direction of the sun
Shot 2: opp. to the direction of the sun
Shot 3: from below the level of the model
Shot 4: blue sky is the only background
Shot 5: try to get the palm trees on the background
Shot 6: take some shots in the water

These are the major shots and rest is all that you compose from your ideas and experience.
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0 DSLR Tutorial - Day 1

This program is very precise and no blabbers. Everything is dealt to the point and no rubbish stories. Since you would have known about the digital camera and its usage you have now upgraded your camera to DSLR. So lets start from the DSLR and it's basics of control will continue.

Camera : A camera is a device that captures the the environment and its objects into a 2D chemical film, that can be then printed into a photographic paper.

How does a Camera work?
The light absorbing film is placed in the darkest chamber of the camera. For a split second the external light is exposed from a pinhole by a rapid shutter mechanism, and that light is absorbed on the chemical film.

apperture - is the pinhole, that regulates the amount of light
shutter -  that regulates the time for which the light comes through the apperture.

Digital Camera : The same process is done electronically, but
light absorbing film - replaced with -> light absorbing sensor. The sensitivity of the sensor can be controlled and it is called the ISO, starting from 100 to 6400 and growing, where 100 is the lesser sensitivity and it increases.

As sensitivity increases, noise will also increase.

Assuming that you have the basic idea of a digital camera we proceed further,
What is a DSLR Camera?

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

What you see is reflected into the view finder it is directly imposed to the sensor that is behind the aperture and the shutter.

Advantages of a DSLR
1. You can change the lens according to the type of photography
2. Can control every individual aspects like apperture, shutter speed, sentivity, exposure, depth of focus.
3. Get high resolution pictures.
4. Add various types of external flashes and accessories.

All these will be discussed very clearly in the following chapters...
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0 Nikon S3100 review

Bottom line : Its the same nikon effect , more to the yellow / warm colours. It was not able to produce the cool colours. It captures vivid colours and not the natural. Not my choice.
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1 Canon 18-55mm vs Canon 18-135mm

Canon 18-55mm is the Kit I lens that comes with the camera, for a little more money you get the Kit II with the 18-135mm lens.

Advantages of 18-135mm
1. Good for a long shot
2. Nice for portraits and indoors as well.

Advantages of 18-55mm over 18-135
1. Images shot in 18-55 are much sharper and clearer than 18-135.
2. The weight is less than 18-135mm and ensures more stability.

Bottom line : My opinion would be go for 18-55mm and buy 55-250mm which will almost cost you as buying Kit II
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0 Outdoor Photoshoot - Preparation

Outdoor shoot means you need everything you want and should not be too much loaded.

Make a checklist of those photography stuff you want to carry with you, may be something like the below,
Equipment :
1. Camera - 1 and Backup Camera for a pro - 1
2. Battery pack fully charged -1
3. Backup battery - 1
4. Memory cards  - 2 
5. Flash Gun with remote trigger -1
6. Batteries for flash - 2 sets
7. Lenses of your choice
8. Reflectors of your choice
9. Flash diffuser & deflector
10. Tripod if required for the external flash
11. Samples of your previous works
12. Your business cards

Refreshment :
1. Bottle of water
2. Some chocolates
3. Tissues / towels

All these will be very handy because you cannot waste time in buying anything on the location.
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3 Portrait photoshoot with Canon 55-250mm lens

Portraits play a major role in any photographers life, it is very important because, it will portray the expression from the figure to the frame, and also the ability of the photographer in doing that.

Sigma 70-300 Vs  Canon 55-250mm
I was using a 18-55mm lens, but I need something more so I planned to buy Sigma 70-300 lens, but it did not have an image stabilizer in that. Any way buying a Canon will always be good and worth.
I tried this 55-250mm from canon with IS, I thought its just 50mm less but all my photos are very stabilized and a S$100 lesser so I can invest in a speedlite /Flash gun. So I bought the 55-250mm Canon lens.

Portrait photoshoot with Canon 55-250mm
I took my Canon 55-250mm for the outdoor photoshoot, and it was amazing, I have not done such shots anytime in my life. Check the below pictures from Canon 500D and Canon 55-250mm...

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0 Canon 55-250mm Lens Review

Very impressive & inexpensive IS tele-zoom Lens

Lightweight [ Reduces camera shake during zoom shots]
Compact [just an inch more than 18-55mm]
Affordably priced [Sells ~S$300]
Optical image stabilization for sharper handheld photos at slow shutter speeds.
All-plastic construction, which is less durable than metal [Need to handle carefully]
Sharpness not as expected at 250mm [but the image is managable].

Very good Lens for an affordable price.
Image quality is excellent and can frame your shots properly
Much more than 18-55mm


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