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$0 Flash diffuser

We can achieve what we want in the many good ways, choose the most economical one, so you can save money by not spending them. As far as the flash diffuser is concerned, what does the diffuser do?
It diffuses the light so the light is spread all over in an even fashion. Any material that can diffuse light can be put in front of the camera flash so the light from the flash is diffused.

What I have tried and succeed.
1.       Tissue Paper: Just wrap the facial tissue paper around the lighting area of your camera flash.
Remember to wrap with single or double or triple layers as per your requirement.

Where to use: I use a tissue paper during the night shots, I will use a single layer so the required amount of light from the flash is not missed. If you think it flashes more light , wrap with double layer of tissue paper.

Remember, as the distance between camera and the subject increases, the thickness of the tissue should decrease.

2.       Empty translucent energy drink plastic bottle: This is a plastic bottle that is translucent so, you can cut it accordingly to fit the camera flash.  It will give you good results.

Where to use: Use this kind of diffusers for the indoors.

If you have some economic ideas, please write to and get your idea posted here in this site. Good ideas will be rewarded.

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