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6 Tips on Photographing Flowers

 1. Use a tripod
you get sharper photos by ensuring your camera doesn’t move.
Use the camera self-timer or a remote to trigger the shot.

2. Appropriate time to photograph

Anytime when there is no too much bright light reflected from the flower. Need to judge the best lighting conditions, it depends on the photographer.

3. Position of the camera

Basically choose the exact parallel position, sunject and the censor on face to face position, remember this is a usual shot any one will try.
Try to move on possible 360 degrees and find the best position, don't limit yourself to one particular position.

4. Shutter speed

Use a fast shutter of at least 1/200 sec.
ISO to 200 or 400 to get this fast of a shutter

5. Which flower to choose
Choose a flower that looks very full in shape and in good size and that is in  position that is convenient for you to photograph.

6. Care for Nature
Do not disturb the flower and its surrounding else we may miss that beauty from our planet.

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