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What to Photograph...

You have this entire world to photograph, start from your room to the sky. Try to find the appropriate subject you want to capture. 

Where to Start
You may start from the dew drops you find on the grass blades and leaves of some trees around your house. I tried this one in an evening after rain. 

These are just leaves on the road side.  Can you imagine, I was just on the road side and zooming the leaves on the roadside. It may look crazy to other people but just see the results, they don't know this. 

Anything can be beautiful, if you want to make it beautiful.

Remember these before you take a good photo 

Keep in mind
  1. Think you are the only person in that spot. 
  2. Don't care about the people and what they think about you.
  3. Try to get the beautiful perspective of that subject.
  4. Don't care about the number of snaps you take, try with different exposure,...
  5. Think you as an artist, you see what others don't see.
  6. Remember you are blessed to take this photo.

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