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8 Tips to Night Photography

1.    Preparation: Prepare yourself on the location and the subject. Make your checklist so you don’t miss out anything.
2.    Basic things to take: Camera, lenses, tripod and patience and the most important – attitude of creativity.
3.    Comfortable positioning: Position the tripod and the camera in a most stable position and make yourself comfortable so your mood of creativity is not disturbed.
4.    Do you have strong winds: Take care if the winds are strong and it could give your tripod minor shake and your photo will have major shakes.
5.    If you don’t have a remote: Go for the self-timer that every camera has.
6.    Review immediately: Once the photo is shot, review it and go for the next shot with other possible combinations of aperture, focus, shutter speed and ISO.
7.    ISO settings: From my perspective, I advise you not to have ISO more than 200, for it will add noise, particularly in the night shots.
8.    Get the best in the worst: Answer this question: Will the subject and the location go good? I never said that the answer should be ‘yes’, then your creativity stops there. Try different combinations; try to get the best in a worst situation.

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