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8 Tips to Rain Photography

Rain, one of the most beautiful atmospheres to photo-shoot.
Caution: Make sure your camera and valuable gadgets are safe from rain.
Take all protective covers and hides to cover all your equipment.
Take care you don’t slip in the rain.
1.    Try to capture the rain first, you will find some parts where the rain will stand for itself as the subject. May be in the dark corners of a building or the droplets landing the ground or if you are on a road see the light beam of the cars.
2.    Adjust the aperture and the shutter speed to minimum and the maximum for variety of shots.
3.    Try to capture a moving car and remember to move your camera with it.
4.    If the light is ample, use the sports mode while picturing the moving objects.
5.    Find someone around who is hiding for the rain, get the permission to picture them and get the natural expressions from their faces.
6.    Be careful with you camera for it may be showered by rain or you may slip down and hit it on the ground.
7.    Remember to picture everything and all and not to miss anything in the rain.
8.    Don’t be scared to come in the rain for a photo-shoot. Do thing s differently to come out of the box.

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