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Where to start your Photography?

This is the basic question on every person who bought a digital camera will ask himself. Even you may ask yourself “Have I wasted my money?” Definitely not, if you have bought the camera for photography and not just to say “Even I have a DSLR too…”

So, on getting to the ground, let’s play, where to start? You have variety of subjects to start..
1.       Landscapes
2.       Portraits
3.       Seaside
4.       Wedding
5.       Flowers
6.       Bikes and Cars
7.       You watch
8.       …..many more…
Start with the Landscapes, for you don’t need anybody’s permission and after this you will have the confidence to handle the camera. When you have learnt cycling, then its all your street, race around various subjects I have mentioned you… Write to me your experience and send me your snaps so we could show the site visitors. The best will be awarded !

Photo courtesy: Saravanan Kuppusamy 

Coming soon:
  All about Movie making…..

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