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How you see matters than the subject itself...

Take a look at this image, at the first guess you may see it as something different. But once you look in deeper you will realize that it is a cup of coffee. This is a simple coffee on my desk, but I want to see it differently. To make it different, go for difference in everything, i meant...
the lighting [here i used the natural sunlight from a window],
appearance of the subject [I sprinkled some cocoa powder on the coffee, for the texture],
next the most important, equipment, I used my mobile phone to snap this.

This is what I'm trying to say, see everything differently and try to bring the subject and surroundings inside your imaginary frame. If you feel that this would be a better photograph, never hesitate, do a click with your camera or your mobile phone camera. Once I was in a travel and my camera batteries drained and I came across a beautiful scene, guess what I did. I borrowed a strangers camera ,took a snap and asked him to mail me that snap, he did it for me happily.

Do things differently, so out of 100 times , I'm sure at least 10 masterpieces would be born.

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